Stormy Daniels claims a ‘child custody dispute’ forced her to drop out of Celebrity Big Brother... as she pulls out of Loose Women

Stormy Daniels has claimed that she was forced to pull out of Celebrity Big Brother at the last minute due to a “child custody dispute."
Daniels was due to appear on Loose Women on Friday to explain why she dropped out of the reality show just minutes before she was set to enter the house, but was a no-show for that as well. 
The former porn star, who claims to have had an affair with Donald Trump, never made it to screen to give her justification and instead spoke to Jane Moore off-camera.
Panellist Moore told viewers that Daniels had revealed her decision to quit the Channel 5 show backstage.
No-Show: Daniels did not appear on either show (Getty Images)
She said: "There was a custody development with her daughter late last night. She suddenly thought, 'I can't commit because being a mother comes first.'
"She wanted to go on the [Celebrity Big Brother] live show and explain [what had happened] and that was all agreed, she says, and then suddenly they said, 'We don't want you to do any of it.
"It has now become a legal situation and she says she has been told she can't come and talk. She says she is furious and wants to be sat here."
Standard Online has contacted representatives of Channel 5 for comment.
The news comes after The Sun reported that, Daniels - real name Stephanie Clifford – asked producers for an extra £100,000 on top of her record £750,000 pay cheque for just one week in the house.
“Stormy landed in London and was taken to the Village hotel in Elstree where the celebs are put up,” a source told the publication. 
Celebrity Big Brother Trailer
“From the outset it was clear something was wrong and once she sat down with the producers all hell broke loose. They just didn't get on... Stormy point blank refused to appear on the show on Friday night when she was scheduled to go in.”
The insider added: “They tried everything to persuade her to stay and no one could work out why she’d fly all the way from the US to London before deciding to drop out. Let alone turning down that massive fee.