Meghan Markle's half-sister calls for family reunion after royal wedding and tells her: 'do the right thing'

Meghan Markle’s estranged half-sister Samantha Grant has called for her sibling to “do the right thing” and reunite their family following the royal wedding.
Her appeal to get the family back together she said was inspired by Bishop Michael Curry’s address at Ms Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry on Saturday.
The 53-year-old has since offered to reconcile with her half-sister, the Duchess of Sussex, to bring peace to the family after a decade of estrangement, the Sun reported.
Ms Grant, who uses social media under the name Samantha Markle, was without an invite to Meghan and Harry’s wedding and watched the ceremony on television from her Florida home.
She told the newspaper: “I watched the bishop talk about love and unity and forgiveness and I hoped it would strike a chord within Meghan.
Bride: Meghan did not invite members of her extended family to the wedding (PA)
“So if that was real and if I were to define a principle to all of this then it would be that we all just work for a peaceful resolution and reunion as a family.”
She added: “If she wants to do the morally and religiously right thing then she will and I’m open to that.”
Samantha Grant spoke out about her half-sister Meghan Markle (Channel 4)
Meghan’s father Thomas, 73, was also unable to attend the wedding after he had heart surgery on Wednesday.
Ms Grant called on Harry and Meghan to fly Thomas over to the UK once he is back to full health following the operation so he can fulfil his dream of visiting Buckingham Palace.

Ms Grant said Thomas told her “his baby was beautiful” after he watched the wedding on television, adding: “He was happy and proud. He’s very gentlemanly and chivalrous. It was a beautiful wedding.”
She told the Sun: “I think Meghan and Harry should pick him up in a jet and take him to Buckingham Palace. After all he did miss out on the wedding.”