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Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage enjoy cosy chat at restaurant amid Brexit chaos

Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage have a cosy chat at a posh restaurant as the Brexit crisis causes havoc.
Mr Farage and Mr Johnson, who was with his dad Stanley, led the Leave campaign.
The photo taken on the most turbulent day of Theresa May’s time at No10 will fuel speculation.
It was snapped on Thursday night after the PM’s Brexit plan sparked an almighty backlash from fellow Tories.
A string of her ministers quit over her proposed deal in a day of turmoil.
The picture was taken at Central London restaurant Boisdale of Belgravia where a main meal of caviar and waffles costs £69.50.Former UKIP leader Mr Farage greeted Tory Mr Johnson, who stood up from the table to shake his hand, at 10.30pm.
They chatted for around five minutes before Mr Farage left.
Insiders who know the pair insisted it was a chance encounter. A source close to Mr Johnson said: “Boris was dining with his father Stanley when Nigel happened to come into the same restaurant. He knows Stanley from LBC [radio] so popped over to say hello.
“Both parties then went about their separate evenings.”
In July, BoJo resigned as Foreign Secretary over Mrs May’s Brexit plans.