"Yellow Vests": how Paris muscle his safety for Saturday

Fearing that a "very great violence" characterizes the "act IV" of the mobilization of "yellow vests", the authorities are currently refining a reinforced and more mobile security device.
While the fourth Saturday of mobilization of "yellow vests" approach, the Elysee fears that "a great violence" does not break out in Paris this weekend. In spite of the announcements of the executive - cancellation of the increases of taxes on the fuelsfor the year 2019, freezing of the tariffs of the gas and the electricity this winter, renunciation to harden the technical control automobile before the summer ... - It is clear that "anger has remained elusive and uncontrollable," in the words of Édouard Philippe. Especially since this "anger" now extends to high school students, students, farmers, truck drivers, railway workers ...
Throughout France, calls to go to Paris and upset the established order are multiplying. Last Saturday, a young man met by Le Figaro in Saint-Lazare already exclaimed: "It's not a demo, it's the Revolution!" Wednesday evening, on BFM TV, one of the leaders of the movement, Eric Drouet, said he wanted to "return" in the Elysee Saturday.
"What is at stake is the security of the French and our institutions," Prime Minister Philippe Philippe insisted on Wednesday. For its part, the Ministry of the Interior has reported a "real radicalization of some 'yellow jackets' by violence and politically" and a "mobilization on the part of the ultra-narrow and the ultra-left ".

More mobile law enforcement

To avoid a "black" Saturday in Paris, the authorities are mobilizing. The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo as well as the mayors of the district will be received this Thursday in the late afternoon by the police chief of the capital to review the security arrangements put in place. The details of this device have not yet been made public, but a reinforcement of the forces of the police is already recorded.
The gendarmerie has beaten the recall of many units in rest and on leave. Already reinforced last week, with 23 squadrons of mobile gendarmes deployed in Paris against 16 squadrons on November 24, the presence of gendarmes will be increased. What about the deployment of armored vehicles, track to study according to Le Parisien A source close to the file meets the Figaro that these vehicles will be well in reserve, as last week and as in many law enforcement operations, but that there is no indication for the moment that they are used. "They are not tanks," said the source.
An essential tactical change is also expected. On RTL , the first deputy mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Grégoire, said that the police prefecture had "learned of the failure of last week, with a secure perimeter that has consumed a lot of forces without much 'efficiency', and is now aware of the need to 'adapt to the mobility of activist groups and breakers'. Received with all the police union organizations by the Minister of the Interior, the trade union Alliance has confirmed on its website that the device "fan zone" installed in the area of ​​the Champs-Elysees last week would not be renewed .

Cancellations and cascading closures

On the side of the institutions and the public, preventive measures are implemented. According to information collected by Le Figaro , a major ministry has been instructed to forbid its staff and ministers concerned to visit their workplace this weekend, after the intelligence services reported "calls to kill and to take firearms to attack parliamentarians, the government, the executive and the police ".
Despite calls by Interior Minister Christophe Castaner and former Minister for the Ecological Transition Nicolas Hulot, the organizers of the march for the climate have announced to continue their event , in Paris as in the rest of France. However, the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Montpellier was postponed "at the request of the police headquarters," announced the Professional Football League. The prefecture has also imposed on France Télévisions not to use the set shelf Place de la Concorde for the Telethon .
Several museums will be closed on Saturday. Among them, the Cernuschi museum and the Petit Palais, located near the Champs-Élysées. The entire 8th arrondissement, particularly hard hit last week, is also preparing for a new wave of violence. The prefecture of police and asked most traders in the district not to open their doors Saturday. The mayor of the eighth, Jeanne d'Hauteserre, calls the inhabitants to "vigilance". In the neighboring sixteenth district, several schools canceled their classes and some building officials were asked not to take out the trash.