Yellow Vests: The Elysee refuses to receive the "yellow vests free", Jacline Mouraud and Benjamin Cauchy, who wanted to see it this afternoon (France Inter)

On the eve of a high-risk Saturday in the capital, the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) announces that it has put in place for the weekend a reinforced vigilance mechanism in coordination with the actors concerned.

Medical and non-medical reinforcements will be mobilized in the main emergency sites, details the AP-HP. Additional hospital capacity has been identified to respond to a possible increase in activity related to the situation. The teams in charge of the medical regulation of the SAMU Paris AP-HP have also been strengthened and can be deployed on the points of consolidation of victims that would be necessary to constitute.
High school students mobilized again this morning. In Seine-Saint-Denis, 31 institutions are involved in the mobilization and six people were placed in custody in the early morning, according to AFP. The situation is particularly tense in Aubervilliers, near several high schools and college. A car was burned, "fire starts" at two institutions and a trade was "degraded and looted," says the prefecture. 
A police officer was overthrown by a motorcyclist this morning in Mulhouse, on the sidelines of a student demonstration, tells the Latest News of Alsace . The hooded youth without a helmet sunk on the police officer of the departmental security of Haut-Rhin before being arrested. Seriously injured, the police officer, who remained unconscious on the ground after the shock, was taken care of by the rescue.