Survey: Emmanuel Macron, growing unpopularity

The fiscal exasperation and the movement of "yellow vests" have plunged the confidence rating of the President of the Republic, as unpopular now as François Hollande after eighteen months of mandate.
"When it's late, it's too late," François Bayrou used to say. The Mayor of Pau was able to verify once again that his adage was still true! And with him Emmanuel Macron and Édouard Philippe, who lost a lot in this revolt of "yellow vests" . The confidence rating of the Head of State loses 5 points in one month to reach its lowest level since its accession to the Elysee: 21%. 21% is the level reached by François Hollande almost at the same time (a month earlier). Difficult to admit for the one who built his political course in opposition to that of his predecessor!
Even if the claims of "yellow vests" address exclusively to Emmanuel Macron, the Prime Minister is not spared. His confidence rating plummeted 9 points in a month (a record for him!) To reach 22%, only 4 points from Jean-Marc Ayrault at the same time. On the front line for several days, Édouard Philippe is swept into turmoil.

To the point that, last Monday, in the ministries, there was concern about the future of this government. "The idea that we could not be here in two months crossed my mind," says a government member. The president and the prime minister are only supported by supporters of the Republic in motion (more than 80%). While in January, Emmanuel Macron could count on the support of 54% of LR supporters, they are now only 27%.

The same disaffection among socialist sympathizers, from 45 to 24%. Totally isolated - his ministers, politicians or novices, are unpopular or even inaudible - the head of state sees his opponents energized and hierarchy jostled. Behind Nicolas Hulot, the left monopolizes the first places: Mélenchon (+8), Royal (+4), Hamon and Aubry ahead of Bayrou, one of the first in the majority to sound the alarm. On the right, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is the pawn of Laurent Wauquiez, even if it rises thanks to the left, when Marine Le Pen settles in the top 10. At six months European, the cards seem totally redistributed.At least three left-wing parties at the French parliament have agreed to discuss a vote of no confidence against the government, BFMTV reported, citing parliamentary sources.
Among those planning to question Emmanuel Macron’s leadership is La France Insoumise party whose leader Jean-Luc Melenchon has long been a vocal critic of the current leadership. The French Communist Party and the Socialist Party, which ruled the country before the 2017 presidential elections, are also in on the plan.
It’s not yet clear what prompted the three to take this step. But France is currently in turmoil following almost three weeks of unending Yellow Vest protests. Started as a spontaneous rebellion against fuel price hikes and unpopular reforms carried out by Macron, it has gradually grown into one of the most stubborn challenges for the president and swallowed up the whole country.
The rallies held under the motto “on the way to Macron’s resignation” caught the president off-guard in his 18 month in the top job. His approval ratings stand at barely 25 percent as many French citizens view him as elitist and out of touch with the common folk, who are unhappy with many of his reforms, such as tax relief for businesses coupled with cuts to pensioners’ benefits.
Finally the French government had to concede and dropped the fuel tax hike plan – at least for the 2019 budget.
Macron’s handling of the protests and his proposed reforms have angered many opposition parties in parliament. Melenchon has repeatedly called upon the presidency to abolish the fuel tax. “It’s time for the rich to be in solidarity [with people],” he said earlier.