On Facebook, the "yellow vests" shared on the mobilization of Saturday

Go there or not? On the main Facebook groups of yellow vests, the debate is lively between those, many who want to demonstrate "in force" Saturday, December 8 and those for whom it is necessary to "rest" and "enjoy the holidays" because "the fight is won ".

Freedom guiding the people ... dressed in "yellow vest".  Screenshot of the Facebook group "Yellow Vest"
Freedom guiding the people ... dressed in "yellow vest". Screenshot of the Facebook group "Yellow Vest" © Sebastien Fevrier

A suspension, then a cancellation outright: in the face of pressure, Wednesday evening, the Elysee announced that it was abandoning taxes on fuel. A hand extended to "yellow vests" to try to bring down the tension, two days of the Act IV movement, scheduled for Saturday, December 8. In parallel, the government multiplies the alerts to violent overflows. This Thursday, Édouard Philippe announced an exceptional mobilization of 65,000 police forces in Paris on Saturday. Messages heard by some of the demonstrators, who agree to lower the weapons, at least temporarily. But others, very numerous, continue to call the rally in Paris. 

"Let's be united on Saturday, France in Paris"

Wednesday evening, guest of BFMTV, Eric Drouet, one of the figures of the movement, calls to invest the Elysee on December 8 . The next day, he publishes a poll his Facebook page "France angry!" (284 000 members) to ask the "yellow vests" what they think. This is just a photo, the survey has no value, but nearly 14,000 people plebiscite his position . They are less than 10% to judge excessive.

Screen shot of Eric Drouet's poll taken on 06/12 at 3 pm
Screenshot of Eric Drouet's poll taken on 06/12 at 3 pm / Eric Drouet / Facebook

On the same group, many comments from Internet testify to the desire to demonstrate in Paris. Patrice writes, for example: " We'll be 4 in the car en route to Paris, and even if we have to take 6 people, we'll be squeezing ourselves ". Jeanne: "_ We will be like other weekends, we reserve them from the beginning for the yellow vests _ , all together we will get there ." Steve publishes a visual calling for the gathering for Act IV. He harvests about 250 "likes" in four hours.

Screenshot taken on 06/12 at 3 pm
Screenshot taken on 06/12 at 3 pm / DR / Facebook

Let's be united on Saturday, France in Paris " Christophe still writes. Florentin, he, publishes this question on the group of "France angry !!!" : " Saturday mobilization in Paris or not? " It collects more than 1000 "likes" and as many comments, to say the least equivocal. A dozen answers, and almost as many "yes". 

Screen shot on 06/12 at 12 pm
Screenshot made on 06/12 at 12 pm / DR / Facebook

Only one person, Lily, writes, No, stop going headlong where you are waiting ... " Like her, some members of the "yellow vests" call to stop the demonstrations. On the group "Yellow Vest" , which brings together 147,000 members, Tristan also publishes his jab: " All at the Elysee but it's ridiculous! Break? And after? _ (...) It would be smart to think about what our movement can bring constructive, what it can and how to change.It must always be mobilized, more than ever but we are not rabid dogs, we are sensible, intelligent, constructif_s. " 
How to think that destroy, break, or worse can bring something really positive. We will lose all credibility and play the game of government and extremes. We are better than that? - Tristan, on the group "Vest yellow"
Stop or again? The debates are often animated between pro and anti-Act IV. For example, this exchange between Nicolas and other Internet users. Stop the violence, the fight is won, " he writes. Laughing, we're far from winning ... " Chloe answers. Nicolas advises the "yellow vests": " Bravo for your fight, remember to rest now and enjoy the holidays. " Answer from another surfer: " Certainly not my dear! _ Return eat your crumbs if it suits you _ . "

Exchange between pro and anti-rally in Paris
Exchange between pro and anti-rally in Paris / DR / Facebook

"This movement is not meant to break the cop, it's anything !!!"

Screenshot on the group "Yellow Vest"In the middle of the previous exchange, Nicolas asks a question. The government has retreated, what more do you want? The war? " No one answers him directly, but the theme of violence and overflows is also debated in groups of "yellow vests". The government, which no longer hides its fears about the Paris demonstration, provides "exceptional means": 65,000 members of the security forces deployed throughout France. A show of strength that worries some "yellow vests" ... And enervates others. Like Julien: " Let them start gasing blind. " Wecko: " Pacifism, it's going 2 min! " Or Ben: "

Screenshot on the group "Yellow Vest" / DR / Facebook

However, most "yellow vests" call for the demonstration without violence. This movement is not intended to break the cop.It's anything !!! (...) Instead of running your muscles, run your head, " writes Christine on the page "Yellow vest ". Below, Elodie implores: " VITAL FOR SATURDAY: do not break or give in to violence, it would be playing politics and giving them reason ." Its publication reaches more than 330 "likes" in four hours.

Screenshot taken on 06/12 at 4 pm
Screenshot taken on 06/12 at 4 pm / DR / Facebook

If the debates are sometimes inflamed, with insults flowing from both sides, these publications on Facebook groups "yellow vests" show the multiple positions of protesters. However, it is impossible to really know how Act IV will take place on Saturday, December 8th. Faced with this great unknown, the government advises in any case to "yellow vests" to avoid Paris, not to " forbid them to express themselves ", but " to prevent them from being trapped by the thugs" . According to Interior figures, last Saturday, Act III killed 182 people, including five seriously injured demonstrators , and 81 wounded on the forces' side.
In the Yvelines, a total of 189 young people, aged 12 to 20 years, were placed in custody, according to the prosecutor of Versailles.
Images of the arrests, the authenticity of which has been confirmed by Agence France-Presse and Le Monde, were broadcast on social networks. They show rows of dozens of students on their knees, their hands crossed behind their heads, under the supervision of helmeted policemen armed with batons and shields.
Some are lined up, forehead against a wall.
On one of the videos, a person comments: "This is a class that stands wise. The images were shot in front of Saint-Exupéry High School in Mantes-la-Jolie.