Brexit: May floats plan to give MPs vote on extending transition in bid to avert Commons defeat-LIVE

London and Brussels have agreed on a draft deal, establishing a single EU-UK customs territory, with Northern Ireland set to be tied to some EU single market rules that are essential to avoid a hard border.
British lawmakers start their third day of debates on the withdrawal agreement between the UK and the EU, in the House of Commons in London before going to a crucial vote on 11 December.
The members of Parliament earlier on 4 December found UK Prime Minister Theresa May's government to be in contempt of the legislature for refusing to release its full legal advice on Brexit, in a motion that was backed by 311 to 293.
MPs are set to continue their five-day debate of Theresa May's Brexit deal with the economy taking centre stage.
Chancellor Philip Hammond will address MPs in the House of Commons as the debate restarts on Thursday.
It follows day two of the debate, which focussed on security and immigration.
Time is running out for the prime minister to convince MPs to back her deal in a crucial vote scheduled for December 11.