'You are a rude, terrible person': Donald Trump blasts back in fiery clash with journalists as he defends midterm result

President Trump is holding a press conference the day after the 2018 midterm elections, and all was going fairly smooth until CNN’s chief Resistance reporter Jim Acosta got the mic. And away it went:
FULL EXCHANGE: Trump vs. @Acosta

"Put down the mic..."
"You are a rude, terrible person..."
TRUMP to @Acosta: "Honestly, I think you should let me run the country. You run CNN. CNN should be ashamed of you working for them. You are a rude, terrible person."
In this video angle, you can clearly see that Acosta did NOT want to give up control of the microphone:
The fiery interaction between CNN’s Jim Acosta and President Trump. NBC’s Peter Alexander got involved too.
Then another reporter defended Acosta, and Trump had this to say:
After Peter Alexander defends Acosta, Trump turns on him too: "I'm not a big fan of yours either, to be honest."

Mr Trump unloaded a tirade towards CNN's White House correspondent Jim Acosta, calling him a “terrible person” as he stonewalled questions over his midterm campaign.
"CNN should be ashamed of themselves having you working for them. You are rude, terrible person. You should not be working for CNN," said the President of the United States.
Peter Alexander, the White House Correspondent for NBC News, leapt to Mr Acosta's defence, with Trump firing back: "I'm not a big fan of yours either, to be honest."
Mr Acosta had asked the president about the immigrant caravan, the tone of his campaign videos and investigations into Russian interference in elections.
However, in the angry exchange he slammed each question one-by-one before telling Mr Acosta to “let me run the country and you run CNN”.
He then told him if he “did a better job” his ratings would be better.
After this the President said the broadcaster should be ashamed to employ someone like Mr Acosta.
Mr Trump also further reiterated his comments on CNN being the “enemies of the people”, as he claimed when they reported “fake news” they were.
The clash came following the US midterm election which saw the Democrats seize control of the House of  Representatives.

Mr Trump also took the unprecedented step of naming Republican candidates who were defeated in the midterms, saying their losses occurred because they did not 'embrace' him.
He also named Carlos Curbelo and Mia Love after they said they would not run with him for the polls, saying they "did very poorly". 
It came as Mr Trump hailed the Republican Party's "tremendous success" at the midterm elections despite losing the House of Representatives to the Democrats. 
During a press conference on Wednesday, Mr Trump said it had been "a big day, an incredible day" despite “very hostile media coverage, to put it mildly,” and a “staggering number of House retirements.”
He said: "Last night the Republicans defied history to expand our Senate majority while significantly beating expectations in the House for the midterms."
His speech followed election results that saw a major blow for the US president, with the Republicans losing the majority in the House of Representatives. 
The result could mean gridlock for the next two years and little legislation passed.