"You are ridiculous!" : Excessive exchange between Emmanuel Macron and an employee during his visit to the Renault factory

The roaming of Emmanuel Macron again marked by exchanges under tension. While the President of the Republic welcomed the investment of one billion euros in favor of electric vehicles, announced by the CEO of Renault Carlos Ghosn during a visit of the Maubeuge factory, he was strongly questioned by an employee on the theme of purchasing power. 

"You are not welcome here," said the trade unionist, saying that Renault employees "have succeeded without" Emmanuel Macron, and that the policy of the latter undermined the purchasing power. 

"There you are ridiculous"
"Come here," first proposed the President of the Republic, asking him to have "the courtesy" to let him finish his speech. "If you came to make a political meeting ...", continues Emmanuel Macron. Then, as the angry employee continues, booed by employees present in the room, the head of state launches: "forgive me for telling you, but here you are ridiculous ..."

Macron to a Renault trade unionist: "Here you are ridiculous"

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According to the Elysee, the trade unionist concerned will be received by the office of the President of the Republic. In front of the cameras, the author of the interpellation to Emmanuel Macron insisted: "Mr. Macron is an opportunist", he judged, seeing a "contradiction" between the announcements of the CEO of Renault and "opposite, a President of the Republic who taxes employees all day ". 

A Renault worker: "Mr. Macron is an opportunist"

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The visit of the Renault Maubeuge factory was part of the "roaming" of the President of the Republic, for the centenary of the end of the Great War. As part of this journey, the Head of State made several trips on the theme of economic activity.