Yellow Vests: Macron says to hear "the suffering of a part of the people" but excludes any "retreat"

Emmanuel Macron hammered yesterday that his domestic policy decisions in the coming months would be "never setbacks," in full opposition to the "yellow vests" in France . "I hear the legitimate anger, the impatience, the suffering of a part of the people who want to live better faster," the head of state told the French in Buenos Aires, on the eve of the G20 summit .
To answer it, he intends to "pursue with force" his policy of reform "but without renouncing ambitions" or "give in to demagoguery". "It will be up to me to make additional decisions in the weeks and months to come, but they will never be setbacks, but of even greater intensity, offered for this movement", he insisted, without pronouncing expression of "yellow vests".
"These moments test the strength of soul of a country, a people and its rulers", "in listening and respect but in the ability to hold a course without giving way to demagoguery," he said. -he judges.
"I hear your voices rising," he continued. "I hear so often the voices that sometimes did not even move things and that are probably more the cause of the situation we are living than the government that is in business for 18 months. you, cynicism is part of political life! ", he quipped, referring to critics like those of his predecessor François Hollande .
He said he was determined to "fight against contemporary inequalities", but without "only considering that the solution is in the taxation of the better-off, who then build optimization mechanisms that make these policies inefficient", a- he warned. For him, the solution lies in "an educational and environmental project".
The French president has also posed as a champion of progressive countries against the supporters of a border closure and intends to defend his position in a G20 that looks torn by trade wars as well as diplomatic tensions.