"We want to be closer to the Elysee": what will look like the new demonstration of "yellow vests" Saturday?

Paris, round 2. After the demonstrations of November 17 in the region, then that of 24 on the Champs-Elysees, the " yellow vests " put the cover in the streets of the capital, Saturday, December 1. Despite the incidents of last week, a Facebook event invites them again to demonstrate on the famous Parisian avenue. How many people will participate? How are the authorities preparing? Here's what to expect.

What is planned for Saturday?

• An undeclared event on the Champs-Elysées. Like last week,  a Facebook event  invites  "yellow vests" to demonstrate on the Parisian avenue. "We did not get anything  [from the authorities] at the moment, so why relieve the pressure?  " Says one of the spokespersons of the movement, Eric Drouet . will start like this every Saturday. "
Despite the deterioration and violence committed a week ago on the famous Parisian Avenue, he claims not to have "hesitated a second to repropose the Champs-Elysees because we have nothing to  reproach ourselves" . 
We want to be closer to the Elysee for the symbolism that this represents, so the Champs-Elysees is ideal. Eric Drouetat franceinfo
• Two other gatherings of "yellow vests" declared in Paris. To date, the  Ministry of the Interior specifies that no demonstration has been declared concerning the Champs-Elysées. If ules two requests protests were filed with the Paris police headquarters. This is a demonstration from the Place de la Madeleine to the Place de la République, as well as a rally in République, learned franceinfo. But no schedule has been communicated.
• A demonstration of the CGT. Another rally, organized by the union for the defense of purchasing power, is scheduled for the same day in the capital, but has no link with the "yellow vests". "It's a mere coincidence, says the CGT Franceinfo.So , no convergence is expected, it will be two different processions." Nevertheless, the CGT of the railway workers of Saint-Denis asks its activists on Facebook to put on ... "a red vest". The location and schedule of this other mobilization are not yet known.

How many protesters are expected?

Hard to say because the movement does not have counting facilities. "I do not know how much we will be, but we will be much, more than last Saturday" Eric Drouet promises. If we stick  to the Facebook page  of the event ,  32,000 people had already announced their participation Thursday noon, and 132,000 said they were interested.  In comparison, it is less than last week in the morning of the mobilization. Other calls were launched on more confidential Facebook pages, as in the Yonne where 230 people say they are interested. 
Also, like last week, several ultra-right groups are calling on their activists to participate in the rally. This is the case of the Action française which assures franceinfo that a hundred of its militants were already on the Champs-Elysées on 24 November. 

How are the authorities preparing?

The authorities are facing the same difficulty as last Saturday. That is to say the presence in number and without authorization of demonstrators on the Champs-Elysees, a day of weekend, a few weeks before Christmas. The government is formal: there is no question of allowing a rally on the avenue. "Since 1934, not a protest, except a festive event was organized on the site, said the interior minister Christophe Castaner  My predecessors  all knew that organizing an event on this place was problematic."  The proximity of the avenue with the Elysee Palace , the Ministry of the Interior and several embassies makes the place extremely sensitive.
"We could have completely banned the Champs-Elysees and closed Paris, but we did not make that choice.We called for the responsibility of everyone,"commented last Saturday, Christophe Castaner. Three options are possible this time: the authorities could prohibit access to the avenue, they could also set up a search system at each entrance, or leave everything open. But considering the course of the day of Saturday, November 24, this third option seems unlikely ...  "We are working to make it happen as best as possible,"slips franceinfo a source at the Ministry of the Interior.
In any case, the resources deployed should be substantial. Last week,  5,000 police and gendarmes were mobilized. Which did not prevent the damage. Terraces of ransacked restaurants, broken windows, burnt blinds, traffic lights and bus shelters destroyed ...  The Paris mayorizes the damage to  "several hundred thousand euros"  for the public space. 
We can not relive a black Saturday. Colombe Brossel, Security Assistant at Paris City Hallon Franceinfo
However, according to our information, the mayor of Paris has for the moment received no instructions  from the police headquarters to remove the terraces or barriers construction site. 

How are the traders preparing?

The prospect of a new gathering hardly enchants the traders of the Champs-Elysees. More than a million euros of products were looted in the Dior shop on Saturday. At Samsung, employees even had to lock up customers for a while, to protect them. "We've already had a good time on Saturday , explains Franceinfo the manager of La brioche dorée.We had to close the shop at midday so it was tense, we did not want the shambles start again." 
For the moment, he and his colleagues on the avenue have not received any special instructions from the authorities. The golden brioche will open as every Saturday at 7 am,  "but we will take our responsibilities if it heats". 
Our priority is the safety of customers and employees. A manager of La brioche doréeat franceinfo
The closing of the Champs? "It would be very bad news for us, at three weeks of Christmas.A normal Saturday, it is 9,000 euros of turnover for us",explains the manager of the golden brioche of the Champs-Elysées.