12 dead in shooting at Thousand Oaks nightclub, police say

A gunman shot 11 people inside a crowded Southern California country dance bar Wednesday, and witnesses described a chaotic scene as panicked patrons smashed windows to get out. The gunman died inside the bar, police said.
Ventura County sheriff’s Sgt. Eric Buschow did not say how the gunman died.
Authorities have not confirmed whether any of the wounded had died.
Ventura County sheriff’s Capt. Garo Kuredjian said hundreds of people were inside the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks at 11:20 p.m., and shots were still being fired when deputies arrived.
Several people from inside the bar told TV stations that a tall man wearing all black with a hood and his face partly covered first shot at a person working the door, then opened fire, seemingly at random, at the people inside.
People screamed and fled to all corners of the bar, while a few people threw barstools through the windows and helped dozens escape, witnesses said.
It was college night and country two-step lessons were being offered Wednesday at the Borderline, according to its website.
Kuredjian said it has been “quite some time” since there was a shooting of any kind in Thousand Oaks, a city of about 130,000 people about 40 miles (64 kilometers) west of Los Angeles, just across the county line.

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Ventura County sheriff's Sgt. Eric Buschow spoke to Eyewitness News and said investigators believe the suspect is dead after opening fire at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks.

During a press briefing, Capt. Garo Kuredjian said they confirmed at least 11 people were injured, including the deputy. Their conditions were unknown.

Buschow indicated that among those victims there were fatalities, but he did not know how many.

Authorities said hundreds of people were inside the bar when the gunfire rang out.

In an interview, Buschow came close to tears and said he knows the wounded deputy.

"It's been a rough night for all of us," he said.

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A witness to a nightclub shooting in Thousand Oaks said the suspected gunman was throwing smoke grenades and fired multiple shots.

Witness John Hedge, of Moorpark, said he saw a suspect throwing smoke bombs into the front of the restaurant. He also said he saw a security guard get shot.

"I was at the front door and I was talking to my stepdad. I just started hearing these big pops. Pop, pop, pop. There was probably three or four, I hit the ground. I look up - the security guard is dead. Well, I don't want to say he was dead, but he was shot.

"He was down. The gunman was throwing smoke grenades all over the place. I saw him point to the back of the cash register...and he just kept firing. I ran out the front door," he said.

Hodge added that there may have been about 12 shots by the time he got out of the door.

He said the gunman had a beard, wore a hat, had a black jacket and may have had glasses.

"I thought it was a joke when the shots started firing. I know people there. I hope everybody's OK. I don't know how I didn't get shot," the man said.

Tim, Hodge's stepfather, who was in tears, said he was next to the entrance about to leave after playing pool when smoke came into the room.

"He fired the first shot. I knew it was live. I knew it was real. My son thought it was a joke so I pulled him down and got some cover. I looked up and he was moving to the right. He shot the front doorman, who was just a young man. Then he shot the cashier, just a young girl.

"Then he started moving to the right. He wasn't looking at us. Then he went into the office, where all the cash and stuff is. He didn't say anything at all. He just started shooting," he said.

Footage from AIR7 HD captured paramedics performing CPR on a person who appeared unresponsive.

Multiple law enforcement agencies, including Simi Valley and Oxnard police, arrived to help sheriff's deputies and SWAT officers.

We have sent patrol and SWAT resources to assist with the incident in Thousand Oaks. We will continue to monitor and provide whatever resources are requested. Please keep the victims in your thoughts & prayers.

FBI agents were also headed to the scene.

The country bar is located near the 101 Freeway off Moorpark Road.

The website for Borderline showed that Wednesday nights are College Country Nights that last from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m. Colleges near the club are California Lutheran University and California State University, Channel Islands, as well as Moorpark, Ventura and Oxnard College.

Students from Pepperdine University in Malibu also often attend College Country Nights, and there may have been some at the bar Wednesday night. It was unclear how many, according to the university.

Statement from @pepperdine regarding reported mass shooting at in . Confirms several students were there tonight along with students from colleges and community colleges all over the area. Pepp‘s my alma mater. Just awful. @ABC7

An emergency hotline was established so that people could locate anyone who was at the bar.

An Emergency Information Hotline to assist locating people that may have been involved in the incident has been established by @Venturaoes: at 805-465-6650