US, NATO consulting on Russia nuclear pact

French officials say the Trump administration has agreed to consult with NATO partners on its plan to pull out of a arms control treaty with Russia.
Aides to French President Emmanuel Macron said the decision was made during a meeting between President Donald Trump and Macron in Paris on Saturday.
The White House did not immediately comment. But Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, told reporters in Paris on Friday that the U.S. is in “very close consultation” with allies on the treaty issue and are “very optimistic about a common position.”
The U.S. and NATO have accused Russia of violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty.
Trump’s decision to exit the pact has worried many in Europe, where the treaty is seen as a cornerstone of the post-Cold War era. Macron has warned that if its scrapped and Russia deploys such missiles, they could easily reach Europe but not the U.S.