The French Have Found Another Reason to Dislike Emmanuel Macron

Faced with the grumbling of some motorists, Internet users express their disapproval or fears about the blockage.

"No, I will not participate in the blockade of November 17 against the rise in fuels recovered by the far right! # WithoutMeLe17 ". The image thus captioned of a smoky congestion of pollution was shared generously, this Monday, on social networks.
After days and days of mobilization call for the "yellow vests" , an anti-blocking movement also seems to emerge on the web. And if the citizen's grumbling against the increase in prices at the pump was recovered afterwards by political parties, the origin of the counter-fire seems this time more easily identifiable.

LREM "influencers" and their detractors

The hashtag (keyword) # SansMoiLe17 seems indeed to have been widely shared by militants of The Republic in march, with the declared will to counter a possible paralysis of the country.
According to the analysis made by the social network monitoring platform Visibrain for Le Parisien, the first message is dated October 26, the day our site published the video tribune of Priscillia Ludosky, creator of the petition "For a fall in prices of fuel at the pump! ". It was also at this moment that Marine Le Pen and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan assured approval of the calls for blocking .
As for the author of the tweet, @SocDemMarche, he is clearly identified as a support for the LREM movement. And the nature of the image accompanying the hashtag is no doubt about the willingness to start a trend.

If this first tweet has been shared only 15 times, the image has been recovered and has since widely circumnavigated the web. The hashtag has been used in almost 20,000 tweets since October 26, by 5850 different Internet users.

The other three most influencer Twitter accounts on this hashtag, which garnered the most likes and retweets, are also identified as pro-Macron. The one with the most retweets (1650) is called @TeamMacronPR.
Besides these few influencers, the hashtag is also very used to denounce him. Many Internet users see it as a "coup de com" of the presidential party. And they are partly right because a panoply of infographics seems to have been created to counter the arguments of pro-blocking, like those posted on Twitter by Mathieu Hansmetzger , administrator of Facebook group "We support the president Emmanuel Macron " .

Voir l'image sur TwitterVoir l'image sur Twitter

Carburants : la démagogie ça suffit !

Pour être perdant - en comparaison avec les mesures en faveur du pouvoir d'achat du Gouvernement - il faudrait faire 9 pleins de 60L par mois.

In the name of ecology

Beyond the supporters of La République en marche, individual initiatives converge towards the idea of ​​a blockage "useless" and contrary to the ecological ambitions of France. Many Internet users, not politicized, take the pen to defend the ecological tax or simply regret the likely constraints related to the future blockage.
Some use the hashtag # SansMoiLe17 without paying attention to its political origin, like Romuald Priol, a Lyonnais who defines himself as green on Twitter: "It is not the air conditioning or heating that there has in cars that will help the climate to improve! 55% of people going to work make a journey less than 10 km and just 3% travel by bike, "he says. "Against the movement #giletjaune, I propose that those who are for ecological taxation put on the back of their vehicle their #trianglerouge. Retweet appreciated, "tries to launch a certain Stoïk, without much success, however.
Nicolas Hamel, another Internet user, apparently unaffiliated with a party, shares a cartoon showing that the crowds are always ready to approve the change, until they are solicited concretely.

On Facebook also, citizens express their concerns and disapproval of this day of blockage. The words and spontaneity of one of them have particularly marked minds since his post was shared more than 52,000 times in four days.
"I'm mulling a video that explains that 60% of the animal species in 40 years have been knocked down next to my son who is chirping on his T'Choupi book at the Zoo and I receive a 126th invitation for this famous" Blocking of November 17th " . Our generations are stumbling on this planet, my son will not see half of the animals in T'choupi Zoo in 20 years. There is more plastic than fish in our oceans, "he says in particular.


A little overwhelmed by the popularity of his message, this inhabitant of Tours tells the Parisian that he is not fundamentally "anti-November 17". But he "finds it sad that we decide to move for fuel (whereas) it would have been more noble for the fate of migrants or ecology," he says, anxious not to be categorized as a "spokesperson for anti-blocking".
The sign that beyond the very active Net surfers pro-Macron, # SansMoiLe17 is more of a sum of fed up and fears than a real movement able to compete with calls for blocking. For the moment.