Gas bottles found in Melbourne attack suspect's car

Daesh terrorist group* has stated that one of its fighters conducted a recent stabbing attack in Melbourne on Friday, Reuters reported, adding that no evidence for the claim has been provided.
Prior to the statement, Victoria's Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said that police were treating the incident as a terror attack.
Earlier on Friday, police shot a man who stabbed one person to death and wounded two more in the centre of Melbourne. The suspect reportedly died after he had been hospitalized following a confrontation with police.

The local police have not yet publicly identified the man. However, the NZ Herald stated that in 2009, he was acquitted for his role in a terrorist plot; he'd aimed to launch a suicide attack at Sydney's Holsworthy army barracks.

Islamic State has claimed the attack was carried out by one of its members, according to its propaganda agency Amaq.
It has not provided any evidence for this, however.

The stabbing victim killed is believed to be a man in his 60s who was stabbed in the face. A witness said desperate attempts were made to save him.
Markel Villasin, told Australian Associated Press: "Because he was on his stomach, they turned him over to see if he's all right, he was still alive.

The police Bomb Response Unit (which was called due to the gas cylinders in the vehicle) attended and have deemed the burnt vehicle safe.
Road blocks in the area are expected to remain in place throughout the night, police say.

Victoria Police have released the ages of the attacker and the two injured victims.
The attacker who died in hospital was 31.
A 26-year-old and a 58-year-old man were stabbed and taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
The man who was killed is yet to be formally identified.

Three members of the public who tried to stop the knifeman have been receiving praise form authorities and those on Twitter:
One brave man wearing a black shirt, used a trolley, to help police tackle the suspect.
A second man wearing a navy suit jacket and black pants then tried to stop the suspect using a chair raised above his head.
And a third man, wearing a red-checked shirt, came from another direction carrying the base of a traffic cone.

Premier Andrews: We won’t be defined by this evil act.
Victorians will continue to go about their business, together and with resolve.

Premier Andrews: To all of our first responders, we extend our utmost gratitude.
And to the victims and their loved ones, we offer our prayers, support and deepest sympathies.

Premier Andrews: We saw [courage and conviction] in our police, whose swift, brave and decisive action saved lives.
We saw it in the everyday Victorians, who stayed with and cared for the injured, and stood ready to protect others. And we saw it in the firefighters who rushed to the scene, and in our paramedics and hospital staff, who continue to treat the injured.

Victoria's premier Daniel Andrews says on Twitter that the attack was "an act of terror (that) struck at the heart of our city".
He adds: Exact details of what occurred are being investigated. What we know is that in that moment, our city responded with courage and conviction.

PM Morrison: Australians will never be intimidated by these appalling attacks and we will continue to go about our lives and enjoy the freedoms that the terrorists detest.

PM Morrison: I have spoken this evening with the premier of Victoria and leader of the opposition. Federal and state agencies are working closely together.
Victorian police have advised there is no ongoing threat. However, the investigation will continue.

PM Morrison: This attack is being treated as a terrorism incident.
I have been briefed together with the minister for home affairs by our law enforcement and security agencies this evening and an investigation by the Joint Counter Terrorism Team is under way, led by the Victorian Police.

PM Morrison: I praise the bravery of the police who were on the scene and took action and those who selflessly came to the assistance of the injured and provided comfort to the distressed.

Australia's prime minister Scott Morrison says in a statement: I condemn the act of terrorism in Melbourne today that has tragically taken the life of a fellow Australian who ha died as a result of this evil and cowardly attack.