Viktor Orbán: The stability of Turkey guarantees the security of Hungary

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a press conference this afternoon on which they evaluated bilateral relations. The volume of trade has never been seen, and there is also a military development co-operation. The Turkish President arrives for 2 days in Budapest, on the invitation of President János Áder.
Viktor Orbán: Turkey is an important partner because its stability guarantees the security of Hungary
The press conference was started by Viktor Orbán. The prime minister emphasized that this meeting is not only important for the joint NATO membership, but Hungarian national interest demands that the Hungarians should always pay attention to Moscow, Berlin and Istanbul.
The relationship between the two countries rests on the basis of respect "
"Said Orbán Viktor. He added that one of the strongest Hungarian national interests is Turkey to be strong enough to be able to hold illegal migration and to maintain peace in the region.
The Hungarian Prime Minister said that co-operation is expected in the area of ​​counter-terrorism between the two states and that the existing low-level military cooperation is being expanded.
Hungary's goal is to create a modern and powerful national army "
- said Viktor Orbán and emphasized that Turkey would be a partner in this.
Economic cooperation must continue because the target has not been achieved yet, namely to increase the value of trade between the two countries to $ 5 billion. That is still far from the current $ 3 billion, but because of the pace of growth it seems realistic. Businessmen in Hungary can invest mainly in agriculture and water technology in Turkey.
The Prime Minister closed his speech with the best hope for the future regarding the Turkish-Hungarian relationship.
Erdogan: We want to conclude many agreements
The Turkish President thanked Prime Minister János Áder for the first time. It was pleased that the restoration of Gül Baba's tomb was completed. In the First World War, the Hungarian soldiers fighting Dardanelles will be remembered separately by Turkey - said the president.
The common commercial volume was set at $ 6 billion for the future, but the goal is to go over $ 5 billion.
Erdogan said that they are on the right track, as tomorrow, there will be a business forum with Turkish and Hungarian businessmen to discuss investment opportunities.
We arrived with Hungary with a large, large delegation with the intent to make many agreements "
Erdogan said.
How many migrants are in Turkey?
Answering Erdogan's question, he said that there are currently 3,5 million Syrian migrants in Turkey and 500,000 Iraqis and hundreds of thousands of Afghans and Pakistani. The repatriation of the Syrians has already started: so far, 360,000 have returned home to Afrín and its surroundings, as well as 60,000 people in Idlis.
Asked why Turkey was so popular in the eyes of Western European Turks, Erdogan replied that "the Turks know what is happening in Turkey. They judge that they will vote."
With regard to Turkey's EU accession, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said:
Hungary has already supported Turkey and will continue to support "
- and he added that Europe must decide what it wants.
If we want to become a decisive player in world politics, then we need to find a framework for cooperation with Turkey. What we are doing now is the unworthy "
- said the Prime Minister, pointing out that they have not done anything with any other Member State to open certain accession chapters and then never close them.
We are in a strong Europe "
- Orbán Viktor closed his speech.
President Erdogan also said that in 1963 the accession process started and we are currently writing 2018. According to the President, they are just looking forward to honesty: if they do not want to pick them up, they'll tell you.
Now we are at the back of our patience "
- He told.