Majorca floods: shocking scenes of devastation captured as torrential rain sparks fatal flash flooding on holiday island

This shocking footage captures the devastation left in the aftermath of the killer flash flooding in Majorca. 
At least nine people are believed to have died when torrential rainstorms deluged the town of Sant Llorenc, about 40 miles east of the capital, Palma, on Tuesday evening.
The deputy mayor of the town, Antonia Bauza, confirmed that two victims were British, while two others were locals. An elderly woman's body was found in the basement of her house.
As Spain comes to terms with Tuesday’s torrential rainstorms, shocking video footage and images have emerged revealing the devastation left behind by the floodwaters in Majorca.

Cars were submerged in the devastating floods (EPA)

One picture shows a wrecked car overturned near the beach in Sillot as a policeman searches for any victims nearby, while another shows 10 wrecked cars submerged in murky water. 
Debris can also be seen strewn across the roads as residents try to remove mud from their homes, a number of which had to be evacuated due to the floods.
Shocking footage circulating on social media shows damaged cars deserted on banks by the roadside near Sant Llorenc after they were swept up in the rising water levels. 
At least three towns closed schools and hundreds of people were given shelter in sport facilities.
The flooding also affected phone communications and forced the closure of at least seven major roads.

The devastation left behind by the floodwater (EPA)

The floods happened in less than 10 minutes, a witness told Spanish TV, telling the station “we had to swim to try to survive”. 
Witnesses said a dry creek overflowed, creating a strong current of water and mud that buried cars.
Less than 24 hours after the flood hit, the Foreign Office said it was "urgently seeking updates" from their Spanish counterparts about the fate of any British people stranded in the area.
The two British victims, believed to be a couple, were reportedly in a taxi when they were caught in a flash flood.
The Foreign Office said in a statement: "We are in contact with the Spanish authorities responding to flooding in Majorca, and urgently seeking updates from them."

Two British nationals are among the victims of a devastating flood (EPA)

Authorities said 80 soldiers and seven vehicles from the military's emergency unit joined more than 100 rescuers who had been working in the area overnight.
Some parts of the island received up to 23cm of rainfall in around four hours on Tuesday.

At least nine people are believed to have died when torrential rainstorms deluged the town of Sant Llorenc (EPA)

The Spanish weather agency said more heavy rainfall is expected on Wednesday in eastern and southern parts of the Iberian peninsula.
Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez called news of the flooding "devastating". He will be flying to the area later on Wednesday.
He added: "My solidarity and support goes out to the families and friends of victims and all the affected by these tragic floods."