Hurricane Florence on track for direct, dangerous strike

Hurricane Florence is going through an astonishingly rapid intensification process, and could hit anywhere from the Carolinas to the Mid-Atlantic by Thursday or Friday.

Driving the news: Hurricane Florence will become a major Category 3 storm or stronger as early as this morning as it undergoes a period of rapid intensification that could take it to the brink of Category 5 strength by Tuesday.

Computer models are still projecting a range of landfall locations, so anywhere from South Carolina to Virginia are still in play. This will be a very large storm, with damaging impacts far from the center.

If Florence follows current model projects and official forecasts, it would...

Be capable of producing 20-30+ inches of rain in the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic, possibly including the D.C. area. This is a nightmare inland flood scenario.
Bring hurricane-force winds for more than a day to a swath of land about 350 miles in diameter or greater, extending well inland from the landfall point.
Drive one of the largest potential storm surges on record onto the Carolina coast.
Be one of the strongest hurricanes on record to make landfall in the Carolinas or Mid-Atlantic.
Make landfall or come closest to land on Thursday-Friday before stalling for up to three days.
This could be a major test of how President Trump handles another multifaceted crisis, this time one that is possibly at his literal doorstep.