Police chase jet-ski riders in 'James Bond' pursuit on River Thames

Police pursued four jet ski riders down the river Thames in a chase likened to a scene from the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough.
The Metropolitan Police’s marine policing unit was filmed chasing four jet skis down the river towards central London on Friday night.
Police said the chase was prompted after they received reports the boats were “speeding down the River Thames”.
The high speed chase was filmed by multiple onlookers. Footage showed the jet skis making their way past the O2 Arena.

Leigh Jackson was eating dinner with his fiancee, Kristina Kuznetsova when the unusual chase happened. 
The 34-year-old said he had thought could have been a group filming for a television show or film before he had realised it was a police chase. 
Mr Jackson said: "We were sat down eating and we saw four jet skis flying past and we thought 'you don't often see that'. We watched them and they came back the other way.
"From what I saw, it looked like the police could not catch them and we were asking ourselves how do you even apprehend someone on a jet ski?
"They [the police] were just getting them to try and slow down, but they [the four jet skis] were having none of it."
Mr Jackson added he believed the chase went on for "about 25 minutes". 
Striking similarities to James Bond, the chase resembled the scene in the 1999 Piers Brosnan film where a chase on the Thames finished near the O2.

"Thankfully no one was hurt", he said, "At first it was exciting, but then we were a bit worried that someone was going to get hurt."
The couple, he added, had lived in their new home for about three months, but had lived on the Thames before, and had "never" seen something like that. 
"In terms of a full on police chase, it's nothing like we've ever seen before," he said. 
In a tweet, Police said: “Marine Policing Unit officers pursued four jet skis this evening after reports that they were speeding down the River Thames.
“The jet skis were approaching central London and we were able to make them change their course.
“The decision was taken to no longer pursue the jet skis for safety reasons.”
Videos show the dramatic chase starting at the Greenwich Peninsula, before travelling towards central London and travelling west around Canary Wharf.