Parisians praise Joel Robuchon as a grand chef

Parisians are expressing their sadness at the death of French chef Joel Robuchon as they pass by one of his restaurants in the French capital, L’Atelier Saint-Germain.
Thais Borst, who lives in the neighborhood, said Monday that “I pass by here every day and it’s a wish to be able to go in one day.”
She stressed that Robuchon “represents France, the diversity (of food) and the originality, the good taste. I think that many French people are dreaming to go one day to a Joel Robuchon (restaurant).”
Parisian Francoise Rocard said of Robuchon “he’s a grand chef.” She noted that he was the second top French who died recently, after Lyon’s Paul Bocuse. She says “we are losing great men in gastronomy, but there will be others, we’ve got to hope that the youth will follow their path.”