20 people killed in vintage plane crash in Swiss Alps

All twenty people on board died when a vintage plane crashed in the Swiss Alps, authorities have confirmed.
The plane which came down in Switzerland was a vintage Junker JU-52 HB-HOT which saw use as both an airliner and freighter when in operation during and after the second world war.
The plane was travelling from Locarno to Dubendorf in Switzerland with 17 passengers and three crew on board.
Most of the victims were Swiss but they also included a couple and their son from Austria. 
Authorities said there were no survivors after the plane crashed in the Swiss Alps (REUTERS)
The victims were aged between 42 and 84. 
A rescue operation was launched after the crash yesterday but police today confirmed there had been no survivors.
The flight's operator Ju-Air confirmed the crash, writing online: "Accident 4th August 2018: We have the sad duty to announce that one of our Ju-52 aircraft had a accident today."
Swiss officials expect the investigation into the cause of the crash to be "relatively complex" (REUTERS)
Swiss officials said they are not aware of any distress call from the plane.
They also expect the investigation into the cause of the crash to be "relatively complex".
Daniel Knecht, of the Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board, said the plane appears to have hit the ground near-vertically and at high speed in the crash.
The victims were all aged between 42 and 84 (EPA)
Mr Knecht said the vintage plane presumably did not have the crash-resistant cockpit voice and data recorders that more modern aircraft have.
He said officials have essentially ruled out a collision with another aircraft or hitting an obstacle such as a wire.
He also said there is no indication of foul play or that the aircraft lost parts or broke up before the crash.
The plane crashed in the Swiss Alps, killing everyone on board (EPA)
Nearly 5,000 Ju-52 planes, a product of Germany's Junkers, were manufactured between 1932 and 1952. 
Ju-Air's Ju-52 planes are former Swiss military aircraft, built in 1939, that were retired by the air force in 1981. 
The company, which operates two other Ju-52s, has suspended flights until further notice.