Italy challenges Macron over migration

Italy’s new populist interior minister says French President Emmanuel Macron should take migrants into his home.
Matteo Salvini reacted to Macron’s assertion Tuesday in Rome, where the French leader met with Pope Francis, that there isn’t any migration crisis.
Salvini says, if that’s the case, “Macron should open the doors of his own home to the 9,000 migrants France was committed to taking from Italy” under European Union accords.
By refusing to allow private rescue boats to dock in Italy, Salvini is challenging EU partners to take more migrants.
Salvini said: “It’s too easy to take a photo with the pope without respecting the accords and driving back women and children at the borders.” Salvini referred to France’s refusal to let migrants cross the border from Italy.
He adds: “French arrogance is no longer fashionable in Italy.”