UK real wages rise, as German economy slows

Productivity (broadly, how much we each produced) shrank by 0.5% in the first three months of 2018, the ONS says.
That’s because Britain’s growth rate slowed in the last quarter (to a measly 0.1%), even though companies created more jobs - meaning the amount of hours worked in the economy rose by 0.6%.
Ergo, we were less productive:
UK productivity
 Photograph: ONS
John Hawksworth, chief economist at PwC, says the UK economy is a mixed picture -- job creation remains strong, but productivity is a mess.
“The great British job-creating machine kicked back into life in the first quarter of 2018, taking the employment rate to a new record high. Unemployment edged down further and regular pay growth continued to edge up as the labour market has tightened. Real pay growth, excluding bonuses, is now firmly back into positive territory.
“All of this good news stands in marked contrast to the subdued GDP growth of just 0.1% estimated for the first quarter. This estimate could be revised up later but, taken at face value, it suggests that productivity growth turned significantly negative again after a couple of quarters when it seemed to be perking up.