Refugee child dies in Belgium after police chase

Belgian prosecutors are investigating the case of a 2-year-old girl who died on Thursday shortly after being found in a van transporting dozens of illegal migrants, local media have reported.
The girl died on the way to hospital after the van was stopped by armed police in the western city of Mons, according to the news agency Belga.
Officers reportedly opened fire on the vehicle when it tried to run them over, but officials say the girl did not die of gunshot wounds.
Various possible causes
"It was not police gunfire that caused this girl's death," Belga quoted local prosecutor Frederic Bariseau as saying.
Bariseau said an autopsy was being carried out to determine the cause. He refused to confirm reports that the girl or other children had been dangled at the van's window during the chase.
He gave examples of possible causes of death as being illness or dangerous driving causing the child's head to hit the side of the van.
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Belgium: model of integration

Headed for Britain
According to Belga, 30 people, including four children, were found in the van.
The Belgian media group Sudpresse said those detained included migrants from Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Kuwait.
It said the dead girl and her family were Kurds who had recently been deported from Belgium to Germany and that they had been wanting to reach Britain by way of Belgium.
Many migrants are drawn to the Belgian border region near France on their way to Calais, where they try to board trucks crossing to Britain.