Van drives into pedestrians in Germany

Local newspaper RP Online reported that three people were killed in the attack and that the driver later shot himself after running away.
The vehicle,  described in some reprots as as a small truck,  appears to have rammed into a crowd of people who were sitting around the Kiepenkerl statue in Munster's old town.
Emergency services vehicles raced to the scene and a police helicopter is hovering above the medieval town the about 300 miles west of the capital Berlin.
Up to 30 people are believed to have been injured in the attack.
Munster police have confirmed there have been  fatalities and injuries.
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Local media said police were reporting "several dead and multiple injuries".
Several people are dead after a vehicle reportedly collided with group of pedestrians in Munster, Germany.
German police have confirmed at least three people are dead and dozens injured around the Kiepenkerl statue in Munster's old town.
Citizens have been advised to avoid the area.
According to local media, a small truck drove into a seated group of people and there are unconfirmed reports that the driver might among the dead.
Germany's RP quotes Munster police saying "the driver killed himself" - although there have been no official reports.
According to the online edition of the Spiegel magazine, German authorities are "assuming" the incident was an attack.
Rescue helicopters have been sent to the surrounding area, with the injured being taken to hospitals or cared for in a designated zone.
Germany's RP has quoted Germany police saying they are "mourning for the victims and the injured".
"Fortunately so far we were always able to prevent attacks in advance, this time that hasn't happened," they are quoted saying.
Munster Police tweeted an appeal not to spread "rumours and misinformation".