Van crashes into crowd in Germany city of Munster, killing three people and injuring at least 20

Eyewitness: "There was a bang and then screaming. The police arrived and got everyone out of here". 
"There were a lot of people screaming. I'm angry - it's cowardly to do something like this."

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she is "deeply shocked by the terrible events in Muenster" and that "everything conceivable is being done to investigate the crime and to support the victims and their relatives". 
"My thanks go to all the forces at the scene".

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Pending police comment:
  • Reports that the incident is "not terror related"
  • Search of suspect's apartment
  • Reports that the suspect is a "middle-aged German man"
  • Origin and description of the "suspicious object" found at the scene
  • Condition of the six "critically injured" victims
  • Witness reports that "other attackers" were seen fleeing the scene
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Police helicopters are seen circulating the cordoned area.
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German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier
"The news that we have received from Munster are appalling. My thoughts are with the victims and relatives in these hours. 
"My deepest sympathy goes to all who have lost a loved one and are deeply concerned. I thank all rescue forces in action."