Hundreds of Hungarians went out into the street, but for what

The most controversial demonstration in the last few years has been held in Budapest today, where it is quite possible that one hundred thousand people actually go out on the street to protest against Viktor Orbán's election victory. The crowd was huge, Kossuth Square began to fill up before the end of the day left the pre-opera section.
There were some surprises among the participants compared to previous years. The average of the crowd was much younger and we are not talking about street-going SZDSZ orphans, because the left-wing posters and the momentum-balloons beside the Jobbik Youth Section and the hardest of the barbarians, not to mention Zoltán Orosz Mihály fallen mayor.
The police were in front of Parliament
Demonstrators who had barely reached Kossuth Square demanded a new election. Next year, the organizers promised even greater demonstrations. After the demonstration, everyone did not go home.
This really means only one thing: if there are no parties in the opposition, there is still an opposition in Hungary, but there is more and more opposition as a base for opposition forces.
Viktor Orbán's third two-thirds win over a hundred thousand people to the street to bring great power. It indicates that there is still a counterbalance to Fidesz in Budapest. It is a pity that no one will be able to turn it into political force. If this demonstration goes on this way, at least in any case.
For example, last year 's large demonstration series was not good for nothing but to bring the tension that had accumulated during the seven years of Fidesz governance in the westernmost part of society. The protests, like this, did not make much sense.
Because the demonstration is not a thing for itself, people tend to go to the streets because they want to achieve something specific. Compared to this, in Hungary last year, the notion of political political demonstration was born.
At the same time, politics-free politics was born where politicians who had to do politics were trembling behind the civilians and independent intellectuals that they would be accepted by the crowd once they were exhausted. This system ended after a campaign where it seemed as if everyone had avoided enraging Viktor Orbán. For example, Jobbik has almost immediately stopped the most powerful slogan of the campaign, the Ti work, they steal  . But he seemed to see that this was the only one that worked, and it was no accident that he was immediately in conflict.
But the Hungarian opposition politics is so much conflicting as the demonstrators. They like to say big things in the voice, and in the crowd they like to go big on the street, but political conflicts tend to be avoided.
Viktor Orbán will sleep at ease until this big opposition crowd goes to the streets without goal and channeling.
Because this is happening right now. What Orbán has now achieved through the collapse of his enemies is that his enemies have been fired. That is why common protests can take place between Ágnes Kunhalmi and Gábor Vona , or Jobbik and LMP. There is a heterogeneous opposition block that has common goals and different thoughts about the world. The common goal is not to hold Viktor Orbán in power.
But Viktor Orbán and Fidesz, no matter how much we want, will not give up on a hundred thousand demonstrators of power or write new elections. It was perhaps the most evasive and more distant idea of ​​the whole demonstration, which was dismissed by Balázs Gulyás, the organizer of the protests against the net. But if anyone is, then Gulyas would know that the Fidesz may be able to retreat, only a well-defined crowd and an achievable goal.