German spy chief - high likelihood Moscow behind hack on German govt

(Reuters) - The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency on Wednesday said there was a “high likelihood” that the Russian government was behind a cyber attack on German computer networks, although he conceded it was difficult to be 100-percent certain.
Hans-Georg Maassen addresses a news conference in Berlin, Germany, July 4, 2017. REUTERS/Axel Schmidt
Hans-Georg Maassen told reporters that German authorities carefully monitored the attack after it was discovered in December, and it had not caused any damage.
He said the attack had been found to have a Russian origin, although it was not linked to APT28, the Russian hacking group that attacked the German lower house of parliament in 2015.
Maassen declined comment when asked to confirm reports from German lawmakers and security sources that the recent cyber attack had been linked to another Russian hacking group known as Snake or Turla.