We're under attack, stay where you are' - French embassy in Burkina Faso warns public

An explosion and gunfire at the army headquarters in Burkina Faso’s capital Ouagadougou has been described as a terrorist attack by the French ambassador. The army HQ is located close to his country's embassy.
Masked gunmen with backpacks attacked guards at the entrance to the army HQ on Friday following the initial explosion, according to a Reuters eyewitness. It’s not yet clear what caused the blast, who is behind the attack, or if there have been any injuries.
A separate attack is also underway near the prime minister’s office, according to a police statement. Security units have been deployed to the scene which is near the French embassy which was targeted in the possible two-pronged terrorist attack.
France’s ambassador to Africa’s Sahel region, Jean-Marc Châtaigner, called the explosion a “terrorist attack” on Twitter and told people to avoid the downtown area. "Terrorist attack this morning in Ougadougou, Burkina Faso: solidarity with colleagues and Burkinabe friends," Jean-Marc Châtaigner wrote.
The French embassy in Burkina Faso took to Facebook to warn locals of an "ongoing attack" and told people to "stay confined.  attack and advised them to remain where they are. “No certainty at this stage of the locations.” read the statement.
Live footage from the scene on Friday showed black smoke billowing from a burning building near embassies, while gunfire rang out in the background. The area of the explosion is surrounded by government buildings and embassies.
The US embassy has advised people to “seek secure shelter” amid reports of gunfire in the downtown area. 
Images shared on social media from the scene showed the remnants of an apparent explosion. Broken glass from dozens of smashed windows in an apartment block can be seen scattered on the street and on parked cars, while heavy black smoke fills the sky above.