UK 'misleading world' on spy poisoning - Russia

The Russian embassy in London is tweeting again, reiterating Kremin spokesman Dimitriy Peskov's earlier comments in which he denied Russian involvement in the Salisbury attack.
Former GCHQ director Robert Hannigan said the Salisbury attack was "part of a pattern where a modern nation has chosen to step outside the rules that govern behaviour of civilised countries".
He said the response should include "the expulsion of diplomats on a scale we probably haven't seen since the Cold War" but also "hitting the economic targets" including those who do business in London.
But he warned against a large-scale cyber attack against Russia even though the UK had "great capabilities" to mount a "destructive" response.
"The covert work is going to be targeted against individuals and organisations who are responsible for this terrible crime but the idea of launching some large-scale cyber conflict against Russia makes no more sense than launching a military conflict against Russia," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.
It's not the sort of response that is needed and would play to Putin's narrative and probably wouldn't achieve much except damage all around."