Paris Metro heist sees thieves steal €300,000 of diamonds from Indian dealers

Two diamond dealers from India were attacked with tear gas and robbed on the Paris Metro, with thieves making off with a briefcase full of the precious jewels worth around €300,000.
It sounds like a story worthy of a Hollywood heist movie. 
The two diamond traders from India had been in the 10th arrondissement of Paris to sell the case of precious stones worth an estimated €300,000. 
However when the deal did not go ahead they decided to make their way back to their hotel on the Metro with the stones in tow, according to French press reports.  
But the thieves had other plans. 
When the traders got to the turnstiles at Cadet Metro station in the 9th arrondissement of the French capital, the two Indian nationals were attacked with tear gas by the two men. 
After a quick scramble, one of the attackers managed to seize the briefcase and its precious contents, before fleeing the scene with his accomplice, according to French press reports
After the incident which took place on Monday February 26th at around 4pm the dealers filed a complaint.
According to reports, "The thieves were perfectly informed about the route of the two diamond dealers and had prepared their hit perfectly."