Macron unveils plan to introduce new law to fight ‘fake news’ in France

French President Emmanuel Macron is planning to introduce a new law meant to fight fake news.
Speaking to journalists in his new year's speech, Macron said he wanted to impose new rules on social media platforms during election periods to "protect democracy," according to the Guardian.
The new law would require that websites reveal their financial backers. Sponsored content would also be limited, according to the Guardian.
And authorities would be able to remove content or block websites that published fake news during election cycles.
“If we want to protect liberal democracies, we must be strong and have clear rules,” Macron said.
He also said France's audiovisual regulator would also be given additional power to "fight any destabilization attempt by television channels controlled or influence by foreign states," according to the BBC.
"Thousands of propaganda accounts on social networks are spreading all over the world, in all languages, lies invented to tarnish political officials, personalities, public figures, journalists," he said.
He added: "We will develop our legal system to protect democracy from this fake news."
During the election cycle last year, Macron was a target of some fake news stories relating to offshore accounts.