Soros Spy Report Is Out. Hungary’s Leader Renews Attacks

Hungary’s intelligence services completed a report on a "network" run by George Soros, backing up the claim that the financier is trying to interfere in the country’s affairs including next year’s elections, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.
In an interview with state-run Kossuth radio, Orban reiterated accusations that Soros was bent on undermining Hungary by helping to flood it with Muslim migrants. Soros has denied these claims, in turn saying that Orban is lying and setting up a "mafia state."
Orban, who has focused his entire campaign for re-election on attacking Soros, went a step further in Friday’s interview, accusing the "speculator" of using NGOs he funds to carry out work befitting political parties. These civic groups would set up offices nationwide to campaign against the government because of its stance against Muslim immigration, Orban said, citing the intelligence report.
"The Soros network and machinery has signed up to take part in the Hungarian election campaign," said Orban, who leads all opinion polls by wide margins. "Hungary’s very existence is at stake."
As part of his pursuit of creating an "illiberal state," Orban has tightened oversight over non-governmental organizations that his government designates as "foreign-funded." He has plastered Hungary with disparaging billboards of Soros, a proponent of open societies and one of the biggest funders of NGOs in eastern Europe, including a scholarship awarded to Orban himself when he was a university student and anti-communist activist.
Soros last month responded by rejecting Orban’s allegations, voicing his fear that NGOs and their leaders were threatened with persecution because of the government’s campaign.
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