Spain leader remains defiant on Catalonia crisis

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says he hopes voters “meet their obligations as Spaniards and Europeans” when a regional election is held in Catalonia next month.
Rajoy says “a lot will be decided” by the ballot and urges a big turnout in the early vote, which was called after Spain’s central authorities removed the secession-minded Catalan government and dissolved the region’s parliament.
The Catalan government held an independence referendum last month which Spain’s Constitutional Court deemed illegal. Weeks later, the Catalan parliament unilaterally declared independence. Spain’s Constitution says the country is “indivisible.”
Rajoy said Thursday his government is upholding European Union values of respect for the law, rights and democracy. He believes most Catalans don’t want to break away from Spain.
Rajoy said during a visit to the Spanish city of Salamanca that his government’s policy on Catalonia has the “100 percent backing” of other EU countries.
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