Pro-secession Catalans hold evening protests

A second round of street demonstrations in a day in Catalonia is protesting the jailing of members of the ousted Catalan government and secessionist activists.
After protests at noon, thousands of people have gathered again in Barcelona and other Catalan cities at 6 p.m. (1700 GMT; 12 p.m. EST).
They are demanding the release of the 10 Catalans detained by Spanish courts in a rebellion and sedition probe. Their alleged offenses occurred in the days before and after Catalonia’s parliament ignored Spanish court rulings and declared independence Oct. 27.
Spanish authorities subsequently removed the Catalan government, dissolved the parliament and called a new regional election for next month.
Catalan pro-independence groups are staging strikes and protests in a bid to keep up the pressure on the Madrid-based Spanish government. Students also blocked some high-speed train lines at Barcelona’s main station.
In a central square in Barcelona protesters chanted, “Free the political prisoners.”
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