Moldova has no chances to enter EU, - Dodon

Igor Dodon, the President of Moldova thinks that the country has no chance to enter the EU. It is claimed at the official statement of Dodon after the ‘Eastern Partnership’ summit.
‘The ‘Eastern Partnership’ summit confirmed that the EU put the profile of the Republic of Moldova into cold storage. The disappointment of the Europeans by Kishinev became chronic a long time ago and the chances of Moldova to enter the EU in the future decades almost equal to zero. This confirms that our pro-European authorities still promote the geopolicy of illusion’, the statement said.

He also expressed the confidence that Kishinev with anti-Russian policy tries to create favorable ideological background inside the country while the absence of the perspectives of the entry.
‘The citizens of Moldova suffered from the massive manipulative campaign during the last years that aimed to prove that the entry to the EU is possible and it will take place soon. All these manipulations took place and continue to occur on the background of the serious problems that the EU faces and clear and explicit statements of Brussels that the EU does not intend to extend’, Dodon added.

Earlier Dodon claimed that the non-recognized Republic of Transnistria cannot become a part of Russia and should be divided between Ukraine and Moldova.
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