Catalan opposition hopeful of election upset

Catalonia’s opposition leader hopes that disillusion among pro-independence supporters can help her Ciutadans (Citizens) party and other pro-Spanish unity groups gain a majority of seats between them in the region’s crucial Dec. 21 early election.
Ines Arrimadas says that the secessionist parties of the recently ousted Catalan government will have no credibility if they again promise a bright future for Catalonia’s independence.
She says no country recognizes their secession declaration made on Oct. 27, the EU insists an independent Catalonia will be expelled and thousands of businesses have since moved their headquarters from the region.
The 36-year-old Arrimadas, whose party holds 25 seats in the 135-deputy Catalan parliament, said “demoralization” among the pro-independence camp and mobilization of unionist parties could help swing the balance in Spain’s favor.
She said polls show “an alternative majority is possible.”
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