Top court to rule on Catalan vote’s legality

Spain’s Constitutional Court says judges will rule in the next few days on the legality of the Catalan parliament’s vote to declare independence.
A statement from the country’s top court says it has accepted an appeal by Catalan lawmakers opposing separatists’ move to vote on seceding from Spain. The vote, which was boycotted by opposition lawmakers, won 70-10 in the 135-seat Catalan parliament Friday.
The statement says that the government of Catalonia, regional parliamentary officials and the country’s prosecutors will have three days to submit comments to the court.
Spain’s 1978 constitution says the country is “indissoluble.” The top court has consistently ruled against any attempt to move toward Catalan secession.
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Germany and Britain have said they back Spanish unity and will not recognize the declaration of independence by the Catalan parliament.
Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said in a statement posted on Twitter that Spain’s sovereignty and territorial integrity “are and remain inviolable” and that a unilateral declaration of independence violates that principle. He called on all involved to use “all existing opportunities for dialogue and de-escalation.”
Seibert added that the German government supports Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s position on restoring constitutional order.
Prime Minister Theresa May’s office said Britain “does not and will not” recognize the Catalan regional parliament’s declaration of independence, which “is based on a vote that was declared illegal by the Spanish courts.”
But the Scottish government, led by the pro-independence Scottish National Party, criticized Spain for refusing dialogue and said imposition of direct rule by Madrid “cannot be the solution.”
External Affairs Minister Fiona Hyslop said “the European Union has a political and moral responsibility to support dialogue to identify how the situation can be resolved peacefully and democratically.”
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