Radical Catalans make demands on regional govt

The far-left separatist Catalan party CUP is demanding that the regional government set a time limit on its quest to negotiate with Spain’s central government before putting into effect a declaration of independence.
CUP spokesman Quim Arrufat suggested a month as a time the Catalan government should give for a last-ditch dialogue with Spain.
CUP and other separatist members of the regional parliament signed a document they called a declaration of independence of Catalonia from the rest of Spain on Tuesday. But regional president Carles Puigdemont said that its effects would be delayed to give a chance to start talks with Spain on breaking away.
CUP lawmaker Anna Gabriel said that her party didn’t agree with the decision not push directly for secession.
She told Parliament: “The declaration of independence hasn’t arrived like we wanted. We can’t remain silent after it suspension. We have lost an opportunity.”
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