JFK files: Documents reveal new info surrounding president's death

The White House's decision to withhold an estimated 300 documents on the Kennedy assassination amid Thursday's dump of nearly 3,000 files has caused a backlash on social media. Sputnik takes a look at what people are saying.
The long-awaited declassified files, now added to the US National Archives JFK Assassination Records, have given historians and journalists a chance to find new insights into the president's murder in November 1963. 
However, last minute lobbying by US intelligence has meant several hundred files being withheld, pending a 180-day review to determine whether they should ever be released. That news has led to a backlash on social media, with historians, journalists, and ordinary Americans urging Trump to release the rest of the files.
Larry Sabato, American political scientist and Kennedy expert, condemned Trump for backtracking on his earlier promises to release all the files, adding that Americans could end up waiting a long time to "see the good stuff." 

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange also marked his concern, saying US intelligence agencies seemed determined to make Trump look weak by delaying the files, and adding that after so much time the delay was simply "inexcusable."

Mark Zaid, a US attorney known for his work in helping whistleblowers, complained about how "sparse" Thursday's release was, and made sarcastic comments about some of the docs' illegibility and heavy redaction. His feelings were echoed by others.

Some users focused on just how important the JFK killing was to America, and hence the need to out the truth about his death.

As expected, the delay and possible non-release of the 300 files prompted concerns from those who believe that the CIA, the FBI or other elements of the US government were somehow involved in Kennedy's death. Some angrily claimed that President Trump seems to have bowed to the interests of a "deep state cover-up."

The redactions and withheld documents prompted even some non-conspiracy theorists to come to the conclusion that maybe the government really does have something to hide.

Perhaps the most popular sentiment expressed thus far is the demand that the government release all the files, in full, non-redacted, and stop making excuses.

President Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963 has been the source of considerable debate. While the US government maintains that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, a variety of conspiracies have sprouted over the decades thanks to inconsistencies in the original investigation's conclusions. Among the theories, none of them ever officially verified, is the claim that the CIA, the FBI or other elements of the US government were behind JFK's murder. This version was popularized in the 1991 Oliver Stone film JFK. The mafia, Fidel Castro, and other actors and groups have also been accused over the years.
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