European Parliament ex-chief defends Spain

A former president of the European Parliament has defended the intervention of Spain in the running of Catalonia’s regional government after its legislature voted to secede.
Josep Borrell, also a former Spanish minister, told a pro-union rally in Barcelona on Sunday that the government’s use of Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution to take control of Catalonia is the only thing that is averting an economic crisis in the northeastern region.
Borrell says that if Article 155 hadn’t been evoked “many of you would have lost your jobs . and if that hasn’t happened it’s because thanks to the application of Article 155 businesses and markets understand that there won’t be (secession).”
Borrell said that if Spain had not suspended self-rule by Catalonia’s secessionists even more business would have left Catalonia in recent weeks than the 1,700 companies which have relocated headquarters to other parts of Spain in recent weeks.
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