Plane crash at Istanbul airport - 'pilot dead' and three injured as jet explodes

The pilot of the jet is believed to have died according to local press while three others have been injured in the fiery crash. 
Shock videos taken near the airport show fire raging and smoke billowing high into the sky. 
The plane crash-landed at the airport and caught fire when it rumbled off the runway. 
Flight trackers AirLive said the Cyprus-bound plane had been attempting to return to the airport due to a “failure alarm”. A tire had then exploded during landing. 
They said: “According to first reports, the plane departed Istanbul to Cyprus and tried to return with failure alarm triggered. The tire exploded during landing attempt.”
Ataturk Airport crashTWITTER
A plane has crashed at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul
Photos taken at the scene show the plane finally came to a half near a ditch or drainage system. 
The nose of the plane is shown buckled with the cabin burned black and covered in fire-retardant foam. 
Firefighters rushed to the plane and extinguished the plane.
Ataturk AirportTWITTER
Ataturk Airport crash: A private jet burst into flames after crash-landing in Istanbul
The jet was registered as TC-KON, a private aircraft which FlightRadar24 identifies as a Cessna 650 Citation 7.
Airlive said: “The Cessna Citation VII with register code TC-KON veered off the runway, as it was emergency landing, and fire squads are in the area to fight the blaze.”
Two runways have now been closed at Ataturk Airport but traffic is continuing according to Turkish Airlines. 
Ataturk Airport crashFLYVICTOR
Ataturk Airport crash: The interior of the Cessna Citation 7
The aircraft, according to FlyVictor's website, is based at Ataturk Airport and can hold six passengers and two flight staff. 
There is no indication the flight was booked through FlyViktor. 
They said the plane is 19 years old, adding it had been refurbished in 2013.  It can reach speeds of 508 miles per hour.
Turkish Airlines tweeted: "Dear passengers, our flights from/to Istanbul Ataturk Airport are being operated. Please check your flight status through our website."
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