Jeremy Corbyn says party is 'ready' for power

Jeremy Corbyn has promised a "radical programme of action" on housing after claiming Grenfell Tower has been left as a "tragic monument" to a "failed and broken system".
The Labour leader, delivering his keynote speech to the party's conference in Brighton, described his party as a "government-in-waiting" and "on the threshold of power" following their surprise performance at June's snap General Election.
Mr Corbyn outlined rent controls, a "use it or lose it" policy for developers holding onto land and a review of social housing policy as Labour's response to the Grenfell Tower disaster.
He said: "Grenfell is not just the result of bad political decisions.
"It stands for a failed and broken system which Labour must and will replace."
Arriving on stage for his speech, Mr Corbyn was met by a long standing ovation as party members chanted his name.
The Labour leader hailed the "incredible feeling of unity, love and affection" on the South Coast, adding: "It's quite infectious and let's hope the whole country is infected with the same thing."
Describing Labour as a "united party advancing in every part of the Britain" following the General Election, Mr Corbyn claimed they are now "winning the confidence of millions of fellow citizens".
He added Labour were now "setting the agenda" as he attacked Theresa May's post-election deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to support the Conservative's minority Government.
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