Independence rallies before the TSJC to demand the release of detainees

The cries of " Independence, Independence " do not cease in the streets of Barcelona . Thousands of people have risen this Thursday morning with the hangover of Wednesday's massive demonstration before the Conselleria d'Economia and they have re-layered the stelae to go before the headquarters of the Tribune Superior de Justícia de Catalunya in support of the detainees during the police macrooperation carried out only 24 hours before.
The protesters, summoned by Òmnium Cultural and the ANC, met in the promenade of Lluís Companys one hour before the mobilization convened in the TSJC. An act in which there have been numerous events and a large variety of posters in favor of the right to decide in Catalonia . As more and more people arrived, the Mossos d'Esquadra have been overwhelmed and have had to delimit the area of ​​protest.
Thousands of people have gathered to demand the release of prisoners linked to the referendum
Thousands of people have gathered to demand the release of prisoners linked to the referendum (David Ruiz)
Among the protesters, of different origins and ages, has ruled the indignation by the action of the Spanish government and yearning for freedom. There is no shortage of politicians such as the President of the Parlament, Carme Forcadell; the conselleras Meritxell Borràs and Meritxell Serret; the first deputy mayor of Barcelona, ​​Gerardo Pisarello, secretaries of the Parlament's Bureau, Anna Simó (JxSí) and Joan Josep Nuet (SíQueEsPot).
Also attending were the deputies of JxSí Alba Vergés, Eduardo Reyes, Chakir el Homrani and Jordi Orobitg, and those of the CUP Mireia Boya and Gabriela Serra, as well as the former president of the Parlament Núria de Gispert. Other participants include the leader of En Comú Podem, Xavier Domènech; the exalcalde of Barcelona Xavier Trias; and the fourth deputy mayor of Barcelona, ​​Jaume Asens, as well as ERC leader in the consistory, Alfred Bosch.
One of the guests received with great joy has been the president of the ANC, Jordi Sánchez . Demonstrators have sung "No estau sols! Do not be sols! "To remind him that he has important social support behind him. All have called for the release of senior Goven officials arrested Wednesday by the Guardia Civil for their referendum on October 1.
Jordi Sánchez has been applauded during his speech
Jordi Sánchez has been cheered during his speech (David Ruiz)
Jordi Sánchez has addressed the demonstrators, microphone in hand, to thank the peaceful mobilization. He asks that he does not take a step back, since in his opinion "to vote is to win". "There is no democrat in Catalonia today who is not ashamed of what happened yesterday ... All this energy that is on the Lluís Companys walk has to be put in the great mobilization of October 1", he has complained among the people that is here.
The voice was breaking Sanchez as well as the president of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixat . There are several days of encouraging the masses and the vocal cords are resenting. He encouraged Protestants with different chants like "it's an urn, it does not bite". Cuixart recalled that the detainees "are not delinquents, they are our heroes ", in addition, has celebrated that "the people of Catalonia is stopping a real coup."
The leader of Òmnium Cultural has also thanked the support that has come from more than 40 cities in the Spanish geography. He practically lost his voice with every word he added to his speech. "We have 10 days left and we must keep the voice, but no one is wrong, we are strong as an oak," he said.
Forcadell, during his speech to the demonstrators
Forcadell, during his speech to the demonstrators (David Ruiz)
Another one that was received between cheers was Carme Forcadell . The president of the Parliament has encouraged several songs while remembering that they are in the streets "to defend the democratic freedoms of our country". He has insisted that they will do so without fear and has invited everyone to vote in the referendum, whether to vote yes or no. "Do it with dignity."
De Gispert, in his speech, said that the Government's action "reminds him of the 60's, when people went to court to defend the rights and arrest them." "This with Franco happened," he said, and recalled that there are ten days left to vote and "get our freedom." "On day two and we will be inside the Catalan Republic," he has sentenced.
For his part, Economy Secretary Pere Aragones, who was left off the list of detainees, condemned the arrests while demanding his release: "They are detained by a state that keeps the corrupt in the street."
Ramon Tremosa, PDeCAT MEP, claimed to be leading a "democratic revolution" that he has defined as "unique and powerful". "Europe is watching us, but it has never recognized an independence before doing it," he said.
Barcelona has new soundtrack
The songs, proclamations, whistles and applause are forming the soundtrack of this morning in Barcelona. They threaten to stay there indefinitely. According to sources from the sovereign entities, the protest will not be canceled until the detainees are released: "We will sleep here if necessary."
The high officials who are still detained - some have already been released - are not in the TSJC, but in several Civil Guard barracks, but this scenario has been chosen for the concentration because of its symbolism and because the case is taking the 13th Court of Barcelona.
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