Techno band's Crimea concert angers Ukraine

Ukraine says that German dance band Scooter broke the law when it performed in Russian-annexed Crimea. But is the concert one of many signs that West Europe is accepting the status quo in the area?
Krim Ermittlungen gegen Scooter wegen Auftritt beim ZBFest (picture alliance/dpa/A. Pavlishak)
"This is not just a scandal – it's a crime with serious legal consequences," Ukraine's ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, told a group of newspapers after techno band Scooter crossed from Russia into Crimea to play the ZBFest music near Sevastopol this weekend.
Ukrainian law prohibits people from travelling to Crimea, which was de facto annexed by Russia in 2014, via any border crossing not manned by Ukrainians. The German Foreign Ministry strongly warns against going to Crimea, as do many other countries' foreign ministries. The EU currently maintains a battery of sanctions against Crimea.
"This is not a misdemeanor – it's a serious crime that gets prosecuted around the world," Melnyk said, adding that criminal investigations had been initiated. A Ukrainian news agency reports that Ukraine is currently seeking legal assistance from Germany.
At the very least Scooter faces a ban from playing in Ukraine. This May, the Russia entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest, Yulia Samoilova, was refused entry to Ukraine on the grounds that she had illegally travelled to Crimea.
Melnyk also suggested that Scooter's front man should be fired from his role in Germany's most popular TV music casting show. Melnyk said the show's producers should ask themselves "whether H.P. Baxxter – someone who knowingly violated the laws of a country and endorsed the illegal annexation of Crimea – is fit to be a juror for 'Germany's Next Superstar.'"
On their Facebook page, Scooter posted a photo of the concert with the message: "Thank you Crimea, amazing crowd!" but didn't mention the controversy. Reactions of users to the gig were mixed.
"I don't understand people getting mad at them," wrote one person in English. "So the Crimean civilians should be deprived of music just because stupid Russia illegally annexed them? What sense does that make?"
Others condemned the concert.
"You should be ashamed, Scooter!" wrote one user in German. "I'm no longer a fan! What ignorance!"
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