Police hunt driver of van believed to be 18-year-old Moussa Oukabir

Bruno Gulotta, an Italian father-of-two, has been named among the victims of the attack in Barcelona after being run down while walking with his family.
His employer, Tom's Hardware, announced the death of its “colleague and friend” in the atrocity online, saying he had been on holiday in the city with his partner and their two young children.
One of them, Mr Gulotta’s daughter Aria, is only seven months old and will never know her father, friends said.
The 35-year-old was walking down La Rambla with his partner, who was carrying their baby daughter tied to her chest, La Repubblica reported.
Mr Gulotta was holding his five-year-old son’s hand when he was hit by the van, with the boy dragged to safety by his mother.
"His Facebook posts showed the different stages of his journey and everything seemed to be going as one would expect from a holiday,” a statement from manager Roberto Buonanno added.
"A photo from Cannes, another from the Ramblas in Barcelona.
"And then what no one expects: the death of a young man, father and life-long partner of the mother of his children.”
The firm said it spent the night communicating with friends and trying to support Mr Gulotta's partner, Martina, and his children Alexander and Aria.
“We put ourselves in the shoes of little Alexander, who is preparing to start elementary school in the knowledge that his life and family will no longer be the same,” Mr Buonanno said.
“And then we think of little Aria, who will not remember the horrible scene but will never know her dad.”
Mr Gulotta, who was the marketing and sales manager for Tom’s Hardware, was shown smiling at the centre of a photo surrounded by colleagues and friends.
“Anyone who met him was impressed by his kindness and professionalism,” Mr Buonanno added, adding that there had “never been a more capable person” in his role.
“He loved to study every aspect of his life and profession, he was an insatiable reader and a searcher of perfection…Bruno was a truly generous and heartfelt person. 
“He was able to lead a rich family life and a brilliant professional career with an enviable balance.”
Mr Buonanno, who founded the company, said Mr Gulotta had become a friend who he would miss as a “companion in life and work”.
“Rest in peace Bruno, we will remember you forever” he added. 
“Since you have been a master of life, I swear that I will also take a deep lesson from this last act on earth. 
“And you will always be in my mind whenever I feel the need for a friendly voice, as if I were always available, as you have always been, at any time of the day and at any time.”
Mr Gulotta was among 13 people killed and more than 100 injured in the attack, with casualties coming from at least 24 different countries, the Catalan regional government said.
At least 26 French nationals were hurt, 11 seriously, while Australia said some citizens were unaccounted for and people from Germany, Pakistan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Greece and Hong Kong were also hurt.
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