Body found near Copenhagen is Kim Wall: police

Copenhagen Police confirmed Wednesday morning that a torso washed up near Copenhagen is that of missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall.
“DNA match between torso and Kim Wall. No further detail,” wrote the police early on Wednesday in a tweet confirming the DNA match.
A press briefing will be given later Wednesday morning, according to the Copenhagen Police Twitter account.
The torso was found near the shore on the island of Amager on Monday afternoon.
On Tuesday, police said that the body’s arms, legs and head had been ‘deliberately’ removed.
“Current status is that there is a torso whereby the arms, legs and head have been removed by means of deliberate cutting,” lead investigator Jens Møller Jensen said in a video statement released to press via Twitter on Tuesday.
Samples taken for DNA testing would provide further information in the identification of the body by Wednesday morning, Jensen added.
Freelance journalist Wall went missing after having boarded the 18-metre UC3 Nautilus sub on the evening of August 10th, apparently as part of her work on a feature story about its owner, inventor and entrepreneur Peter Madsen.
Madsen was brought back alone to a harbour on Copenhagen on Friday after the vessel sank in waters near Køge Bay.
The submarine owner initially claimed that he had brought Wall back to land at around 10.30pm on the night of her disappearance.
On Monday August 14th, police said that they believed the Nautilus to have been sunk deliberately, after the vessel was raised and brought to land for forensic examination.
Copenhagen Police confirmed on Monday morning that Madsen told Copenhagen City Court on August 12th that he had "buried Wall at sea" after she died on board due to an “accident”.
That information was kept behind closed doors by the court until Monday.
Jensen also said in the press message released on Tuesday that police were continuing to search in the water near where the torso was discovered in an effort to find other remains.
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