Barcelona terror attack: What we know so far

 Here is what we know so far about the Barcelona terror attack
:: A van hits a crowd in the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona, which is packed with people
:: Catalan police say a number of dead, many injured. Local media say at least 20 injured and 13 dead
:: Barcelona police say the crash is a "terrorist attack"
:: The driver of the white vehicle reportedly fled on foot after the crash

:: There are reports of armed men - possibly including the man driving the van - entering a restaurant shortly after crash. It is understood the men remain holed up in the restaurant
:: There are reports of gunfire and hostages. Armed police are seen in the streets
:: A Spanish passport has been found inside the van, say reports
:: Videos posted on social media show horrific images of bodies strewn along the pavement in pools of blood

:: In one video at least 19 bodies can be seen on the pavement, along a stretch of more than 100 yards. In another video 10 people can be seen lying on the ground
:: There are reports children have been injured ; one video shows an upturned buggy
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