12 attackers didn’t have known terror ties

A top Spanish police official says there were 12 members of the cell behind the attacks on pedestrians in Barcelona and Cambrils but none “had precedents that linked them to terrorism, including the imam.”
Police official Josep Lluis Trapero told reporters at a news conference Sunday in Barcelona that “our thesis is that the group had planned one or more attacks with explosives in the city of Barcelona.” But he said officials have no concrete evidence about how a group of young men in the northeastern town of Ripoll were radicalized.
Their families say they had no idea that their sons, brothers or cousins were involved with terror attacks — and were shocked because they seemed like such integrated youths with jobs, cars and studies.
Trapero confirmed the one man injured in a house explosion Wednesday in Alcanar was arrested Thursday after the attack in Barcelona. Police believed the house in Alcanar was where the cell plotted its attacks.
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