Rolls-Royce reveals its new Phantom

Whisper it softly, but the quietest and most technically advanced Rolls-Royce Phantom ever was launched in London tonight.
The flagship Rolls-Royce is designed to whisk the world’s wealthiest around in near silence and the lap of luxury – and it comes with its own dashboard art gallery for those who can afford the £350,000 price tag.
The new Phantom even paves the way for a future all-electric Rolls-Royce, ready to comply with Government moves to ban the sale of new ‘conventional’ petrol and diesel vehicles from 2040.
On the basis that silence is golden and the new Phantom limousine is ‘a work of art’, Rolls-Royce say their new Phantom is ‘the most silent motor car in the world’ and the quietest Rolls-Royce ever made –at least for the pampered chauffeur-driven occupant in the back.
The launch was hailed as another big vote of confidence in Britain – with the big Roller exported around the globe and considered the pinnacle of British automotive craftsmanship
Bosses at Rolls-Royce’s parent company BMW – which earlier this week announced they were building an electric Mini in the UK – said the new Phantom demonstrated that they remain ‘fully committed to the future of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’, based at Goodwood, in West Sussex.
Beneath the Phantom’s smart suit lies some serious engineering. 
The new limousine’s ‘revolutionary’ flexible chassis design can also be used for a variety of future models – including ‘those with different propulsion systems’ such as an electric drive-train, said Rolls-Royce.
It will also underpin the forthcoming Rolls-Royce 4X4 – codenamed ‘Project Cullinan’ after the diamond used in the Crown Jewels – and also the next generation Ghost, Wraith, and Dawn models as well as future bespoke ‘coach-build’ projects.
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